Installing Ceiling Lights

Posted by on November 30, 2016 in Electrical

ceiling lightingEven the best decorated room would look dull and lifeless without proper lighting. Designers and interior decorators have always known that lighting can be used in different ways to highlight or disguise features in a room. At AC Joinery, we’re experts at installing ceiling lights and will help add beauty and brightness to your room.

Our Ceiling Light Installation Services

Ceiling lights are versatile and convenient. They’re out of the way so they don’t take up any floor space like lampshades do or wall space as sconces etc do. Here’s a list of lighting we can install on your ceiling:

  • Architectural Lighting – Architectural lighting fixtures are premium products that stand above conventional fixtures available in your local store. These lighting products are designed to be functional and beautiful so they deliver great performance and are durable.
  • Track Lighting – Track lighting is an effective way to provide excellent illumination, in a controlled matter. It’s often used in areas that need to be well-lit like kitchens and dining rooms. They’re decorative as well as functional and throw diffused light. Track lighting is available in standard, monorail, two-circuit monorail, and cable forms.
  • Recessed Lighting – Recessed lighting has become very popular in modern homes. These fixtures stay flush against the surface of the ceiling so they give the entire room a very seamless and smooth finish. Recessed lighting fixtures take some time and effort to install but we have expertise in installing ceiling lights and will ensure that the job is handled in the best possible way.
  • Chandelier Lighting – A chandelier adds beauty and elegance to any room but it’s important to choose the right one. Our experts will help you select the best chandelier for your room and install it for you.
  • Pendant Lighting – Pendant lights are similar to chandeliers because they are suspended from the ceiling. However, they’re smaller, minimalistic, and fit in well with modern design sensibilities.

Why Choose Us for Installing Ceiling Lights?

We have expert professionals that can handle all your ceiling lighting needs. They’ll indentify areas that need lighting, and help you choose the fixtures. If you want good quality work, you don’t need to look elsewhere.

For any more information about our ceiling light installation services here at AC Joinery, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call us at 0161 980 7992 or contact us through our web form today.