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Fitting new wooden flooring has grown considerably over recent years. In fact,  property flooring in  UK  houses has changed very  much over the years, and while modern houses tend to have solid pitched floors at ground level  they still use traditional floor joisting with either T&G (tongue and grove) floorboards or chip wood T&G sheets. As far as repairing existing flooring  we at AC Jonery are also involved in the renovation of existing flooring for all types of domestic property flooring.

So when a house is built, or an old house stripped, there are a multitude of decorative floorings available. Most of the floors in modern houses cannot usually be left bare ie. chipboard or T&G soft wood,  so they need covering before you  move furniture in, and many are normally covered by carpets. However more recently, wooden flooring has become the first choice at ground floor level, and in some cases ceramic/porcelain tiles. We can fit all your flooring requirements, irrespective of whether it’s fitting new wooden flooring  or ceramic flooring we can help. Based in Hale,  Altrincham, Cheshire we have experience of a wide rage of properties both small large, modern and old.

Even with a relatively new property we are often called in to repair problem floors, either damp or unstable flooring, because it’s been poorly constructed. In older style housing, repairs nearly always mean there is rotting floor support (joists), or if you’re lucky just rotting T&G flooring. While the renovation of existing flooring can be dealt with quickly,  its very important to have all structural problems correctly investigated to get to the cause of the problem (e. dry-rot,  wet-rot). We can investigate to see if  there is penetrating damp or rising damp problems. Whatever the cause, we can identify, rectify and rebuild your floor for you.

We also carry out a lot of fitting new wooden flooring  on top of existing floor structures eg. decorative wooden flooring,  both new and replacement, such flooring is normally fixed to the structural floor. Sometimes the floor needs levelling at a superficial level, and this can be done either by using a thick, recycled paper board, which provides good sound insulation, or multipurpose wood boards, such as hardboard or plywood. Once the floor is prepared we first install wooden flooring underlay, this is used to cushion the flooring boards, increasing their durability and providing sound insulation. There are several different grades, which range from thin sheets of closed-cell polythene foam, to top-of-the-range felt underlay with a silver foil layer and the choice will depend on budgets and what you’re trying to achieve.

Irrespective of the size of job fitting new wooden flooring is our expertise and at AC Joinery we are equally experienced at undertaking repairing existing wooden flooring, so why not call us