Radiator Covers – Why Have Them

Posted by on April 14, 2018 in Joinery

radiator covers-made-ro-measureRadiator covers are liked and disliked in equal measure. Some experts say that they drain away radiator efficiency others claim that their usefulness in child friendly homes cannot be denied. At AC Joinery we are always looking for ways that we cam help you update your home, and installing radiator covers may be an option?

Pros and Cons for using radiator covers.

Disguising an ugly radiator

A radiator cover could be used purely for the look of it. You might have previously chosen a radiator that doesn’t now fit into your home style. Radiator covers could help you keep your existing radiators even if they no longer matches your new style. There is lots of choice of cover styles, so installing radiator covers can save you significant sums of money.

Child safety

Radiators can get very hot, especially where large areas need to be heated. If you have small  children in the house, radiator covers be very helpful in terms of safety, by avoiding sensitive skin coming in contact with heat. In addition, in areas like hallways and kitchens, where there is lots of movement radiator covers can help prevent children hurting themselves on sharp metal edges and corners.  Radiator covers be of use, not only for the safety, but for your peace of mind as well.

Reducing noise

Radiator pipes heat and cool daily, with piping expanding and contracting as it reacts with the hot water inside it. This can generate noises, and whilst a lot of the time this gives little distraction, some homes may find the noises amplified by larger spaces or thin piping and walls. A radiator cover could muffle the more distracting noises, giving you more peace and quiet.

Useful shelves

A radiator cover can help with keeping areas tidy, in that they can provide a suitable shelf on which you can store essential items, or display some favoured ornaments. When investing in a wooden cover, you’re not only investing in an aesthetic and safer radiator, storage and/or display area.

Why some people dislike radiator covers

Less heat

Whilst some companies try to argue that investing in a radiator cover will help push heat upwards and out into the room, others argue that this is just not true. A radiator works through convection; ie. the radiator sends heat outwards, and will gradually rise to the top of a room. The radiator material tends to project this heat out into the room, but Aany barrier between the radiator and the room will absorb at least some of the heat, making it less efficient. So if you’re concerned about your home being eco-friendly, then radiator covers may not help.


Radiator covers have their uses, but they are another investment in your home. It’s true that a radiator costs more, but investing in a cover for it, unless for practical or aesthetic reasons, is another cost on top of the hefty heating bills.

If after weighing up the pros and cons, you decide to invest in radiator covers, at AC Joinery we can certainly help with their build/purchase and installation, so just call us on 079822 15949.