Kitchen Design & Installation

Kitchen installation

Kitchens are probably the most important room in the house so a new fitted kitchen is one of the single most expensive room updates. However, it does not always have to be that way, quite often just replacing the tired and old worktops can give a dated-looking kitchen a completely new look and feel. Also it is not expensive to add some new door knobs and handles and this can transform an old-style kitchen into a new look one. We can also replace the tiles and repair of kitchen units , and refurbishing rather than replacing can cost as little as a 1/3 of that of a completely new kitchen.

Even with a really dated kitchen, where the doors and draw-fronts are old and in bad repair you can usually remove the kitchen fronts and replace them with new ones and this can create a completely new-look kitchen. Clearly, a review of your old kitchen units will be required to determine if the old carcasses can be re-used, and with some  repair of the kitchen units, make it possible to save the house-owner a considrable sum of money. Not only can you save on the replacement of the kitchen carcasses, but quite often you can also keep the tiling, if this is of a style that can be reused.  Clearly retaining carcasses and tiles prevents the sort of damage that would normally occur when ripping out the old units – this quite often results in replastering etc being required.

Needless to say there are instances where an old kitchen has to be removed and  be completely replaced. The most popular choices for new units/looks are oak or beech, solid wood or laminated doors and carcasses.  Replacing an old kitchen often includes ripping out old wall tiles, floor tiles, old carcases and even old plumbing. In addition new plugs and electrical lighting often needs to be installed. At AC Joinery we can cater for all your electrical and plumbing needs, and your wall or floor tiling requirments, as well as the supply and fitting of units. Whilst full-scale refurbishment can be expensive, we pride ourselves on being able to provide a cost-effective labour service, as well as advising on the supply of new units or knowing where to go for replacement units.

Irrespective of whether you opt for a complete new fitted kitchen or have old kitchen fronts replaced with new fronts, we are probably the best repair and maintenance company in your local area

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