Modern & Traditional Designed Kitchens

Posted by on March 15, 2018 in Kitchen Fitting-Refurbish

Kitchen Design InstallationModern or traditional designed kitchens are probably at the top of the to-do list in most homes followed by bathrooms. However, while a new kitchen may well be a priority, most owners have either to save up or arrange a bank loan to action this very important and necessary refurbishment area.

Bathrooms, which are also quite high on the to-do list, tend to be of secondary importance to the kitchen. Although it is also fair to say that updating the kitchen can add considerable capital value to a property, compared to the relative low investment costs associated with replacing or refurbishing a kitchen.

Most experts say you will get double your money back; personally, I believe its added value is a lot more as it’s the number one feature buyers look for.

The good news however is you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve a pleasing, well-designed and modern kitchen. The beauty of AC Joinery and the building repairs & maintenance services that we offer is that we can, when visiting your property, have a good look at the quality of the carcasses of your existing kitchen, to see if it is, in fact, possible to give your kitchen a ‘facelift’ as opposed to a complete replacement.  This can be as simple as replacing the doors, the drawers (etc) at a fraction of the cost of a new unit.

We can also replace the worktops with Formica, solid wood or even upgrade your worktops for a granite one which can dramatically move the kitchen into a different league. This ‘facelift’ may well also involve new tiling and change of cupboard/drawer handles.

We often recommend that you change and update the lighting both inside and under the kitchen units; this really can enhance the look of the kitchen. In some cases we recommend putting in a completely new modern G10 spotlighting in the kitchen ceiling.  Needless to say, if your heart is set on a new kitchen, and you are simply not up for a face lift or it is not technically viable then what options are available to you.

Bespoke Specialist Kitchen Designers

These are companies that are specifically designated to create a completely bespoke kitchen and build carcasses specifically designed for your kitchen with all its nooks and crannies that you have. These kitchens tend to carry their own kitchen designers, they also manufacture the doors and draw fronts and carry specialist fitters to install their bespoke units.  It is inevitable that such bespoke kitchens are quite costly by their very nature.

Off-the Shelf Premanufactured Kitchens

Most kitchens fitted today are off the shelf, pre-manufactured units.

It is fair to say Off-the-shelf units come in a wide range of costs from a low budget entry price; right the way through to quite costly high-end kitchens. Nearly all kitchen shapes and sizes can be accommodated.

Companies operating in this off-the-shelf, pre-manufacture kitchen units include Magnet and Southern, B&Q, Wicks, along with slightly upmarket Howdens,   who offer an impressive range of kitchens at reasonable prices. Most of these manufacturers offer a home design service at your home. We can take their plans and install accordingly.

Our involvement with these companies is that we will fit kitchen units they supply and we will provide you with a fixed price based on the units that need to be fitted. At the same time, we can further offer tiling, plumbing and electrical services along with worktops supply and fitting services both traditional and granite.  We cover a wide area of south Manchester and Stockport including Altrincham, Hale, Wilmslow, Bramhall, Bowdon, Sale and adjoining areas.

Finally, we can provide one or many of the services on a standalone basis or any combination e.g.

  1. Worktop replacement Formica, solid wood, or granite
  2. New tiling, walls and floors.
  3. Sink and taps replacement
  4. Kitchen floor wooden
  5. Kitchen front replacement
  6. Decorating
  7. Exchanging electrical lighting
  8. Installation of cookers, dishwashers etc
  9. Electrical rewire spot down lighters etc
  10. Plumbing
  11. Structural knock through, including window and door replacement
  12. Off kitchen down stairs W/C

For further information about building maintenance and repairs please contact us at AC Joinery so we can offer help and advice.